SKILL Web CRM is your mobile and server-based B2B-CRM solution of choice. Office and field service have access to latest data at all times. Complex networks are visualised with our unique relationship managing tool.

Follow up your sales prospects and increase your turnover and have your contacts, addresses, actions, dates and resubmissions ready to hand at all times. All important tasks and milestones appear on your phone, reactions and new arrangements are noted down within the CRM straight away. All important customers and projects are where ever you are.

  • Highest flexibility
  • Increased performance in every aspect
  • Available for PC and Laptop with internet connection as well as mobile app
  • Arbitrary interfaces for connecting with existing software
  • Permanent and location independent process overview and control in real-time



An outstanding Customer Management System (CRM) should help the company to increase their turnover by fully concentrating on their customers, thus creating new intermediaries and offering more than expected. Regarding the added value of customer relations SKILL CRM offers complete solutions for acquisitions, management, project and building management and marketing.

Every customer has good reasons for a confident and trusting cooperation: The CRM strategy follows the holistic approach of making the customer first priority regarding all business processes. This reaches from the analysis via professional project organisation, value optimising management up to the support of active sales processes. In addition resources are flexibly applied according to the customers’ needs.

  • Address, contact, activity, chance, offer and service management
  • Connections to Word and Excel, e-mail via Outlook
  • Workflow manager and adjustable user GUI
  • Configurable reports, e.g. customer history – send documents, reports, lists via PDF
  • Integrated duplicate check prevents double data
  • Mailings with label printing, form letter export and auto entries
  • Customer history (all contacts and activities)
  • Based on a SQL data base (MS, SQL, PostGre,...)
  • Marketing functions, calendars
  • Individual design according to the company CI
  • Free configuration
  • Integration in your web portal
  • Flexible Interfaces to Navision, SAP or BAAN, to synchronize customer information, offers, orders, invoices and credits


  • More than 1000 users optimise their sales success daily because they trust SKILL Web CRM
  • The long-established swabian company Häfele, a market-leading company specialised in fittings and locking systems, has raised its supply performance by 65% by making use of SKILL Web CRM

New Customer Service

The more straightforward customers and partners are attended to, the more they are fixed to your brand. That is why SKILL CRM integrates as deep and including as you wish. Starting from the direct account registration with forms of your website via offers with promotion prices over order, complaint and claim registration, solutions for customer support, used machines and equipment sale up to customer associations with online ordering system SKILL CRM is adjustable to your needs. Trouble-free relations and a increased customer loyalty are assured due to free access options for customers and partners.

Your benefit

Just install SKILL Web CRM on a single web or intranet server to decrease installation efforts and the cost linked to them. All updates are done directly on the server and don’t have to be distributed or updated the next time all users get together. New products, new code tables, new prices, all desired data and processes are installed just once and are accessible to all users immediately, thus decreasing maintenance and installation costs.


SKILL Networker

Organises live contacts to business initiations at conferences, workshops, fairs, exhibitions, meetings and other events. All visitors, exhibitors, sponsors etc. create a personal search-offer profile for every event. With the help of the network search system, every participant can easily find matching conversation partners and can arrange meetings which SKILL Networker communicates and organizes.

SKILL CRM Event Marketing

CRM and marketing of events, fairs, workshops, trainings, conferences. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers many useful settings for the marketing of events, fairs, seminars or congresses which SKILL software, as Microsoft Partner, has developed into excellent event marketing.

  • Address management
  • Features
  • Advertising frequency
  • Address sources
  • Events
  • Trainers
  • Campaigns 
  • Address selection
  • Advertisement and landing pages
  • Performance evaluation

SKILL Ticketing

The CRM solution which relieves your customer service. SKILL Ticketing offers all support and service teams an easy tool for all-including customer service. Important data, functions and processes are available:

  • Customer base and contact information
  • Activity management
  • Communication via mail and e-mail
  • Ticket management
  • Reports and statements
  • Workflow manager controls reaction times and prevents escalation of problems
  • Knowledge base collects expert knowledge for competent information 

SKILL CRM for Construction Suppliers

A complete CRM software with up-to-date construction information. You can follow up your sales opportunities and accordingly increase your turnover. All addresses, contacts, actions, dates and resubmissions are always at hand.


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What We Offer

Our Software is based on a generic system which is flexibly applicable. Our long experience in digital mapping and depiction of complex procedures allows us to depict your situation individually and precisely.

  • BauDoc provides all crucial information directly to your mobile work space and documents all changes, repairs and modifications.
  • TechDoc provides all crucial technical documents directly to your mobile work space. All work on industrial and technical equipment, IT and communication facilities is digitalized and significantly simplified.
  • EnergyDoc is a mobile energy management software. It allows the documentation and analysis of all relevant energy consumers in teams, companies, authorities in real time - with remote diagnosis and alarm when super elevated consumption is detected.
  • You will always reach your destination with our dynamic recourse localisation- and visitor guide system. Well established at the Frankfurt Airport for several years („The Squaire“), our guide system only shows the routes which are actually accessible.
  • Die 4-in-1-Lösung für Ihr Property Management: SKILL Property vereint die bewährten Apps BauDoc, TechDoc und EnergyDoc mit dem Leitsystem.
  • Be able to confidently move through your contact data base. Browser-based, secure and up-to-date. Office admin and sales departments have access to up-to-date data at all times. This unique contact- and relationship manager visualises complex networks and connections simply and plausibly.
  • Our in-house academy offers courses in lead management, marketing and customer relationship management.

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