The pioneer of mobile energy management

SKILL EnergyDoc is a mobile, interactive energy management software. It allows the documentation and analysis of all relevant energy consumers in companies, authorities or work teams. This way saving potentials can be recognised and corrected.

A wide spectrum of supporting functions

  • The optimal consumption data is set by the user (no experts needed)
  • Ideally the optimal consumption and tolerance or escalation values are analysed, developed and recorded within the framework of an energy consultation.
  • The data is either transferred from an e-meter or other software, or is recorded manually.
  • Individual settings and management of important energy consumers, which vary depending on which sector you are located in

A software which grows with its challenges

SKILL EnergyDoc allows the identification, control and remote diagnosis of arbitrary complex energy systems. Whether online or offline – technicians can easily map existing systems, record consumption and measuring points, document changes and make them available for all parties. The introduction starts with an energy consultation, to determine consumption data and cost saving potentials. Through freely definable levels of escalation an individual alarm system is created which gives warning as soon as consumption peaks, temperature gradients etc. are exceeded. This method allows you to diagnose problems without having to arrange dates for inspections and repair.

The software can be added to existing diagnosis systems or can be combined with individually mountable micro sensors. The relevant energy consumers are checked through the target/actual comparison method, an escalation value and type of escalation are determined when significant deviations take place. Most deviations are created through defects, deficiencies or maloperations which can be corrected easily due to the early alert given.

Further features

  • SKILL EnergyDoc constantly compares the consumption and planned values, and examines which escalation requirements need to be adjusted or started when significant deviations are detected.
  • The possibility to immediately analyse and correct deficiencies due to the early triggering of an alarm, which are mostly caused by defects, impurifications or blockages, etc..
  • Display of all important information on SKILL EnergyDoc so that repairs, corrections and changes can be undertaken as soon as possible directly on site.

Revolutionary technology on an established base

Almost every industrial business with a high energy consumption can benefit from the introduction of SKILL EnergyDoc. The mobile program is so easy to operate that a one-day training enables technicians to start organising and documenting existing consumption structures (which are often inaccurate and chaotic) straight away. Regarding the market launch of our program, we are looking for cooperations and collaborations together with energy consultants and facility management departments who want to establish the software as a self-evident part of the energy politics within their company.

SKILL EnergyDoc and its variation SKILL TechDoc are advancements of SKILL BauDoc, (on the market since 2012), has been honoured with the German Telekom Award for Innovation and is in use in many companies of the construction and engineering industry. The basic technique was developed and optimised for SKILL BauDoc.

Modern Cloud Technology

SKILL EnergyDoc is divided into two different components, consisting of:

  • a server application for internet („Cloud“) or intranet
  • a mobile tablet-PC/smartphone application, which works offline

With SKILL EnergyDoc we provide a simple, comprehensive, flexible, easy to operate and inexpensive software application, which is accessible via the internet as a server application („Cloud“) or via a secured Intranet. An integrated report and checklist generator significantly reduce the efforts of energy audits, and accelerate and improve the creation of assessments and reports. SKILL EnergyDoc provides all relevant Information via tablet-PC and documents all undertaken tasks. The mobile application synchronises with the web-server-application which offers the team and activity manager flexible interfaces for other applications. With attached data base sector benchmarks, expert tips or best-cases are published.



2019 startet mit der BAU in München

17.11.18: Vom 14. bis 19. Januar ist Skill Software auf der BAU 2019 zu finden, der Weltleitmesse für Architektur, Materialien und Systeme.

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2. Hessischer Innovationskongress "Alles bleibt neu"

07.07.18: Am 15. November 2018 ist Skill Software auf dem 2. Hessischen Innovationskongress im Gesellschaftshaus des Palmengartens in Frankfurt dabei.

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11. bis 15. Juni: Skill Software auf der CEBIT

Erleben Sie mit Skill Software die neue CEBIT – Messe, Konferenz und Networking-Event in einem! Wir sind am Firmengemeinschaftsstand der Hessen-IT vertreten (E44 in Halle 17).

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  • achieve a higher level of legal security
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2012 gewann das mobile Baumanagement-Tool SKILL BauDoc unter fünfhundert Bewerbern den Telekom-Innovationspreis.

Weitere Informationen

Skill Software ist Mitglied des Blackberry Partner-Programms.

SKILL EnergyDoc (HA-Projekt-Nr.: 429-/14-19) wird im Rahmen von Hessen ModellProjekte als KMU-Modell- und Pilotprojekt (MPP) aus Mitteln des Landes Hessen und der Europäischen Union (Europäischer Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung – EFRE) gefördert.


Sie wollen mehr Informationen zu SKILL EnergyDoc? Diese Dateien haben wir für Sie zusammengestellt.

Broschüre: SKILL EnergyDoc


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What We Offer

Our Software is based on a generic system which is flexibly applicable. Our long experience in digital mapping and depiction of complex procedures allows us to depict your situation individually and precisely.

  • BauDoc provides all crucial information directly to your mobile work space and documents all changes, repairs and modifications.
  • TechDoc provides all crucial technical documents directly to your mobile work space. All work on industrial and technical equipment, IT and communication facilities is digitalized and significantly simplified.
  • EnergyDoc is a mobile energy management software. It allows the documentation and analysis of all relevant energy consumers in teams, companies, authorities in real time - with remote diagnosis and alarm when super elevated consumption is detected.
  • You will always reach your destination with our dynamic recourse localisation- and visitor guide system. Well established at the Frankfurt Airport for several years („The Squaire“), our guide system only shows the routes which are actually accessible.
  • Die 4-in-1-Lösung für Ihr Property Management: SKILL Property vereint die bewährten Apps BauDoc, TechDoc und EnergyDoc mit dem Leitsystem.
  • Be able to confidently move through your contact data base. Browser-based, secure and up-to-date. Office admin and sales departments have access to up-to-date data at all times. This unique contact- and relationship manager visualises complex networks and connections simply and plausibly.
  • Our in-house academy offers courses in lead management, marketing and customer relationship management.

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