Pick your clientel up at work or at home, accompany them on their way via our mobile application and guide them to their institution on site via electronic monitor guidance systems.

The All-In-One Visitor Guidance System: SKILL Guide

This internet software solution doesn’t stop in front of buildings. We guide your visitors, patients, employees and partner in and through your buildings. This way navigation and orientation within your premises are possible.

Furthermore, we accompany all people involved through complex structures, processes and building arrangements: online and 3D! Whether desktop monitor, electronic screen guidance system, touch screen or terminal mobile device – one software, one way to operate it, always up-to-date.

Das elektronische Bildschirmleitsystem + Digital Signage

  • Alle Bildschirme und die entsprechenden Applikationen werden zentral gesteuert
  • Inhaltliche und bauliche Veränderungen werden auf einfachste Art und Weise angepasst
  • Besucher kennen die Funktion durch die Desktopanwendung und gelangen so umgehend zu ihrem Ziel
  • Auch ohne direkte Bedienung der Touchscreens bilden diese ein intuitives - weil dreidimensionales - Leitsystem ab

Desktop App

The desktop app enables pre-orientation with conventional PCs or notebooks.

  • Pre-orientation within a three dimensional context; solely a browser is necessary for the use of this version – route and date planner with distance and time calculator are all at hand
  • With the print-version, every user can carry their personal airport or fair visit etc. around with them
  • Every building project, fair stall, shop, terminal etc. has its own assigned mini-website and helps with research, orientation and marketing

Mobile App

Even without indoor navigation infrastructure, the mobile SKILL application allows optical orientation, localisation and routing with one click.

  • Upon request, an indoor navigation system can be created according to your own requirements
  • If an indoor navigation system already exists, our software can be adapted individually

Automatised Localisation: SKILL Matching

SKILL Matching is the automatic fair and business solution for localisation of employees in crowded buildings.

Are you familiar with this problem? Interested fair visitors are standing at your fair stall, and in between the hectic rush, no available employee can be found so that the visitors eventually leave the stall again? With SKILL Matching. this is a problem which belongs to the past. The highly precise indoor localisation brings customers and employees together quickly. SKILL Matching combines am extensive fair staff management with highly precise localisation technology. The successful use of SKILL Matching at to stalls at the Cologne Fair Centre in 2011, 2012 and 2013 didn't fail to impress the employees at the information stand, the company representative and stall visitors just the same.

Never Rush From Stall to Stall Again.

As soon as a visitor comes to the info-desk of an exhibition stand, the receptionist can determine exactly where the next available employee or contact person is. Visitors and customers can immediately be brought in contact with the according employee, all visitors can be attended to, and no customer is lost due to long waiting periods. SKILL Matching displays the fair stand in as much detail as you please. Multi-storey buildings can be realised as well.

In addition, SKILL Matching manages all relevant information regarding the fair employees:

  • Arrivals/Departures
  • Languages and expertise
  • Functions
  • Area coverage
  • Product knowledge
  • Account details
  • And much more...


Have we caught your interest? We will gladly provide you with further information or introduce you to the latest version of our program. We look forward to hearing from you via E-Mail or in a personal interview: Tel.: +49 69 153 2282 10 

We also recommend participating in one of our webinars.


Are you encountering problems with one of our guidance systems? Kindly use our support form.

What We Offer

Our Software is based on a generic system which is flexibly applicable. Our long experience in digital mapping and depiction of complex procedures allows us to depict your situation individually and precisely.

  • BauDoc provides all crucial information directly to your mobile work space and documents all changes, repairs and modifications.
  • TechDoc provides all crucial technical documents directly to your mobile work space. All work on industrial and technical equipment, IT and communication facilities is digitalized and significantly simplified.
  • EnergyDoc is a mobile energy management software. It allows the documentation and analysis of all relevant energy consumers in teams, companies, authorities in real time - with remote diagnosis and alarm when super elevated consumption is detected.
  • You will always reach your destination with our dynamic recourse localisation- and visitor guide system. Well established at the Frankfurt Airport for several years („The Squaire“), our guide system only shows the routes which are actually accessible.
  • Die 4-in-1-Lösung für Ihr Property Management: SKILL Property vereint die bewährten Apps BauDoc, TechDoc und EnergyDoc mit dem Leitsystem.
  • Be able to confidently move through your contact data base. Browser-based, secure and up-to-date. Office admin and sales departments have access to up-to-date data at all times. This unique contact- and relationship manager visualises complex networks and connections simply and plausibly.
  • Our in-house academy offers courses in lead management, marketing and customer relationship management.

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