What We Offer

    Our Software is based on a generic system which is flexibly applicable. Our long experience in digital mapping and depiction of complex procedures allows us to depict your situation individually and precisely.

    • BauDoc provides all crucial information directly to your mobile work space and documents all changes, repairs and modifications.
    • TechDoc provides all crucial technical documents directly to your mobile work space. All work on industrial and technical equipment, IT and communication facilities is digitalized and significantly simplified.
    • EnergyDoc is a mobile energy management software. It allows the documentation and analysis of all relevant energy consumers in teams, companies, authorities in real time - with remote diagnosis and alarm when super elevated consumption is detected.
    • You will always reach your destination with our dynamic recourse localisation- and visitor guide system. Well established at the Frankfurt Airport for several years („The Squaire“), our guide system only shows the routes which are actually accessible.
    • Die 4-in-1-Lösung für Ihr Property Management: SKILL Property vereint die bewährten Apps BauDoc, TechDoc und EnergyDoc mit dem Leitsystem.
    • Be able to confidently move through your contact data base. Browser-based, secure and up-to-date. Office admin and sales departments have access to up-to-date data at all times. This unique contact- and relationship manager visualises complex networks and connections simply and plausibly.
    • Our in-house academy offers courses in lead management, marketing and customer relationship management.

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