SKILL TechDoc - the mobile app

With its amazingly simple mobile app, the new service-support software SKILL TechDoc is setting new standards in technical documentation and preventive maintenance. While everyone is talking about the "Internet of things", you can already have it! Digitalize your processes and equipment, step by step, document your workflow - and take your business to the heights of industry 4.0.

Advanced Google "Material Design"

State-of-the-art technical documentation - and as easy to handle as a Messenger App!

  • intuitive and responsive tile design
  • Integrating all your photos and documents
  • free text editing
  • full Android support




Time tracking and performance reports

Accelerate inspections and deliveries 

  • Document schedules, travel times and completed assignements
  • Print task reports right on spot or save them in your database
  • all empployees access the same information
  • reduce complaints and subsequent works



QR Codes and Barcodes

Easy identification of your entire machinery

  • precise localisation of stocks of any size
  • integrate existing code systems
  • unmistakeable confirmation for tasks and orders


Digital signing

Instant confirmation for assignements

  • für clients, employees or partners
  • single performances or complete projects
  • obliging confirmations of tasks and assignments - right on spot
  • SKILL only: Trend analysis for preventive maintenance
  • SKILL only: Plot your operational areas with pointers und marker fields as you need them, and localize all appliances precisely 
  • SKILL only: intuitive task priorization by swiping left or right

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