Duschl Engineering

Consulting engineers for
building equipment and energy
Äußere Münchener Str. 130 
83026 Rosenheim

We are a team of consulting engineers for building equipment with over 100 employees operating Germany-wide. Our range of services includes planning and monitoring within the framework of the HOAI include sewage, water, gas andheat supplying facilities, ventilation technology, high voltage systems, lighting technology, remote-report systems, sprinkler installation and kitchen technology. Furthermore we are competence carriers in energy related fields such as target budgeting, inventories, feasibility studies, energy management systems, energy optimisation concepts, BHKW and heating pumps.

We use SKILL BauDoc in all of these areas to guarantee our customers an effective planning and work procedure on all of our construction sites. Available through tablet PCs, SKILL BauDoc allows us to easily access all blueprints and relevant documents. On these documents we can locate and collect all performances and faults including descriptive photo documentation. The faults can be quickly and easily recorded in detail along with all required information such as maintenance group, company, date and time, deadline and photos, and can be followed up until completion. The report depiction happens „at the touch of a button“ and can be simplified by selecting categories such as components, levels, maintenance groups, companies and/or time and date. BauDoc allows several different departments to work on the same project simultaneously; which, for example, makes it possible to work on high voltage facilities and ventilation systems at the same time. The graphic plan and work base (blueprints and/or photos) give us a quick overview of the sate of development and deficiencies (finished, in progress, reminded, open etc.) and create a virtually complete form of project documentation in all phases of the project and is implementation.

Advantages SKILL BauDoc has created for us: Through an easy and  user-friendly operation SKILL BauDoc simplifies our work on construction sites essentially and saves us time within our daily commitment of facility and object monitoring and surveillance. We use SKILL BauDoc in all of our subsidiaries and can’t imagine working without it anymore!

Sachverständigenbüro Walenta

Consulting engineers for
building equipment and energy
Äußere Münchener Str. 130 
83026 Rosenheim

An excerpt of some of our regular customers:

  • ABG Frankfurt
  • Assmann
  • AXA
  • Bauservice SZ 13
  • BCE Björnsen
  • Blum
  • Bopp & Reuther
  • Böwe Systec
  • Catterfeld & Welker
  • CPC Baulogistik
  • Degen und Partner Ing.
  • Dexia Kommunalbank
  • Duschl
  • Eggelsberger Planung
  • FAAG Technik
  • GHM Messtechnik
  • Gleeds Deutschland
  • Gleitlagertechnik Weißbacher
  • Goldbeck Süd
  • Häfele
  • Halsdorfer Ingenieure
  • Hannover Leasing
  • Hufnagel Ingenieurbüro
  • Henkel
  • IT-Haus GmbH
  • Jürgensen + Baumgartner Ing.
  • Krebs + Kiefer Service
  • KSP Jürgen Engel
  • Matuszek Ing.
  • MOW Generalplanung
  • MPP Meding Plan + Projekt
  • MSB Bau- und Prokektmanagement 
  • MW Consult
  • MyLeanFactory
  • ORBIT Informationssysteme
  • Planen und Bauen
  • Pluradent AG
  • Porr
  • Potain
  • ProteQ
  • RAG Aktiengesellschaft
  • Rauschenberg Ingenieure
  • Salvia Elektrotechnik
  • Siemens
  • SDworx
  • SPIE GmbH
  • Spitcon
  • Strike2
  • Sutter
  • TPG
  • VAMED Deutschland 
  • Vitos Kliniken
  • Walenta
  • ZWP Ingenieur-AG
  • Zechbau 

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