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TechDoc provides important technical documents straight to your mobile work space. The work on industrial facilities, machines, equipment pools, IT and communication environments are digitalised- work time and costs are saved.

About TechDoc

SKILL TechDoc documents all changes, maintenances, performances, conversions and repairs. All data, photos, construction plans, repair instructions, technical performance specifications, contracts, and installation videos are accessible on site. In a project data base, working hours, deficiencies, spare parts, weak points, meter and consumption levels, runtime and individual features are filed and can be made accessible for responsible parties via a dynamic authorisation system.

Industrial facilities, machines, equipment pools, IT- and communication environments can be digitalised step by step to make your future work significantly easier!


Advanced Google "Material Design"

State-of-the-art technical documentation - and as easy to handle as a Messenger App!

  • intuitive and responsive tile design
  • Integrating all your photos and documents
  • free text editing
  • full Android support



Time tracking and performance reports

Accelerate inspections and deliveries 

  • Document schedules, travel times and completed assignements
  • Print task reports right on spot or save them in your database
  • all empployees access the same information
  • reduce complaints and subsequent works

QR Codes and Barcodes

Easy identification of your entire machinery

  • precise localisation of stocks of any size
  • integrate existing code systems
  • unmistakeable confirmation for tasks and orders

Digital signing

Instant confirmation for assignements

  • für clients, employees or partners
  • single performances or complete projects
  • obliging confirmations of tasks and assignments - right on spot

Industry 4.0 - step by step

SKILL TechDoc needs no lengthy setup - you can start to document existing systems, while using any available paper plans and maintenance plans as a provisional basis. Gradually, data, images, blueprints, repair manuals, contracts, specifications and installation videos are gathered together; which can then be provided immediately via the cloud to the whole team. Step by step you define working hours, spare parts, weaknesses, counter and usage levels, running times and individual peculiarities structured in a project database.

The obtained data is made available to the responsible persons using a dynamic authorization system. In this way, you successively digitise your existing maintenance processes, document industrial plants, machinery, equipment parks, IT and communications landscapes - and do it every day a little more efficiently. All work is made easier in the long run and your operation simultaneously made fit for future digitalisation advancements (keyword: industry 4.0).

Orders management integration - flexible and secure

The dynamic orders management also allows a direct transfer of service orders from existing ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). Fault messages in helpdesk can be qualified and automatically converted into orders. The project manager sees the incoming fault messages, organises them on the server side into contracts and sub-contracts and distributes them to working groups and sub-contractors. The jobs appear as qualified tickets in the sub-contractor's mobile SKILL TechDoc, and he can immediately set to work. All information relating to his work becomes available to him, he has access to digital maintenance cards, can see repair manuals, required spare parts and known sources of error.

Cooperations with associates and service providers – it has never been this easy

 The work with external and mobile technicians, associates, external service providers or subcontractors is supported electronically and thereby drastically simplified. You constantly gain up-to-date information for and from all parties involved, and reduce misunderstandings regarding wrong deliveries. Your work and service reports are accessible straight away and can be directly confirmed by the customer.

The rate of complaints decreases significantly, you can write invoices immediately and gain solvency.

Checklists and reports

Recurring inspections, which are undertaken by changing associates or for ISO certifications, are supported by a checklist generator which double checks all verifying processes and doesn’t forget anything. A flexible report generator creates all conceivable types of evaluations and completes report drafts according to your wishes – with a few clicks and freely editable text blocks a report is filled out and completed within minutes.

Precise yet simple

All equipment sites are unmistakeably localised on digitalized maps - inquiries by phone are now obsolete. Every deployment of workforce is immediately documented on the spot: travel times, expenditures, spare parts, working hours and services rendered are attested (e.g., via photos) - no office postprocessing is necessary. While still with your customer, you can give estimates, order spare parts and send service reports, which become legally binding by digital signature.


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  • navigate your projects way more efficiently

  • achieve a higher level of legal security

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The mobile building management tool SKILL BauDoc was honoured with the German Telekom Award for Innovation in 2012.

Further information

Skill Software ist Mitglied des Blackberry Partner-Programms.

SKILL EnergyDoc (Ha-Project-No.: 429-/14-19) is a KMU-Modell and Pilot Project (MPP) within the framework of ModellProjekte and is funded through the recourses of the Federate State Hesse and the European Union (European Fund for Regional Development – EFRE).


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What We Offer

Our Software is based on a generic system which is flexibly applicable. Our long experience in digital mapping and depiction of complex procedures allows us to depict your situation individually and precisely.

  • BauDoc provides all crucial information directly to your mobile work space and documents all changes, repairs and modifications.
  • TechDoc provides all crucial technical documents directly to your mobile work space. All work on industrial and technical equipment, IT and communication facilities is digitalized and significantly simplified.
  • EnergyDoc is a mobile energy management software. It allows the documentation and analysis of all relevant energy consumers in teams, companies, authorities in real time - with remote diagnosis and alarm when super elevated consumption is detected.
  • You will always reach your destination with our dynamic recourse localisation- and visitor guide system. Well established at the Frankfurt Airport for several years („The Squaire“), our guide system only shows the routes which are actually accessible.
  • Die 4-in-1-Lösung für Ihr Property Management: SKILL Property vereint die bewährten Apps BauDoc, TechDoc und EnergyDoc mit dem Leitsystem.
  • Be able to confidently move through your contact data base. Browser-based, secure and up-to-date. Office admin and sales departments have access to up-to-date data at all times. This unique contact- and relationship manager visualises complex networks and connections simply and plausibly.
  • Our in-house academy offers courses in lead management, marketing and customer relationship management.

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